Sunday, July 22, 2012

'No-Self Esteem'

We often strive to live up to our own expectations and those imposed on us by our associates and society at large. This pursuit of the unachievable causes enormous stress and a sense of failure followed by low self-esteem.

We can raise our self-esteem by recognising and rejecting the increasing and unrealistic nature of these expectations, and replacing them with an acceptance of the fact that we are not perfect. If we can accept ourselves then others will accept and welcome us.

When we are at ease with ourselves and have good self-esteem, chances are that we can take it further and develop 'no-self esteem'. This is when we do not define ourselves, but are who we are at the present moment. We are not 'locked' in our past and we are not anxious about the future, but are free to enjoy what life has to offer. This is 'no-self esteem'.

Some Quotes

You don't have to be so pretty, you dont have to be so strong, you dont have to be so successful -- Lower you expectations.

Love your children to bits, they don't have to be good at school! Somebody should be in the bottom always!

People are successful not because they are not in the top, but because of their EQ, because of being loved, accepted, feeling they worthy.

The so called "Pursuit of excellence" is a pursuit of stress, which leads to death through heart attack.

You don't have to meet all those goals, which other people put on you.

"Good Enough"

Many people find confidence, happiness attractive, not wealth and beauty.

You are goof enough!You don't always have to perform to the highest.

Every time you make a mistake, and do something stupid, never make it a reason for poor self esteem. You are a human being. You make errors. You have a right to be wrong! Mistakes are part of life.

When you are allowed to make mistakes, You are honest about it. When you are not allowed to make mistakes, you cant do anything about it, you hide it.

Why only we pay attention to bad things that happens to us. Good things happens too.

I suck at maths, My English is poor, I am depressed, schizophrenic - If you lock yourself like this, there is not freedom. Let go all of those judgments. You are free. Be free to enjoy whatever life brings you.

Metta to you 

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